I need a TBC splash please!


Hey there, this Forum is blessed with super talented users who have kindly made splashes for me.


I have a splash in mind…but I do appreciate this is probably a hard splash to make so a pose close to the pic below will suffice.

It is a “To be continued…” splash and here is the pose I need:

The person in the back is my man Derek, here are his details:

The person in the front is my girl Mindy and here are her details:

Outfits - these can be of your choice

If Mindy could be blushing that would be nice :slight_smile:

The BG: juvie_rooftop (purple cityscape)

Thanks for anybody willing to make this splash - I know it’s quite the demand haha.

Also, hope it is okay that when I credit you I will refer to your username on the forums!


I can do it!


Awesome thanks and it’s in INK btw!


Okay! No problem!


Thanks a ton! Cannot wait to see the results :heart:


Do you need your characters to wear specific outfits?


They can be of your choice but if they could be casual that’d be appreciated :heavy_heart_exclamation:




Do you need a specific background?


I’d like the purple cityscape (I think it’s called Juvie Rooftop) please.




Here’s your edit!:

Tell me if you would like me to change anything!


Thank you very much for making the splash but I apologise for not being specific enough. I wanted the characters to be still be in ink and maybe with Mindy having a tiny bit of makeup, perhaps instead of them embracing, they could face each other and be giggling. My apologies if this is too much to ask but I greatly appreciate the time you have taken and work put in for this splash! :heart:


I can help you make it!


Thanks very much!


That’s if @Doksanwrites isn’t making it.


To be more specific the characters should still be in ink and if possible, with a tiny bit of makeup on Mindy - also, it depends if @Doksanwrites does the adjustments. Is it okay if I put @Doksanwrites splash on one of the episodes and your splash on the others?

Sorry I feel like I have asked a lot of you guys.


It’s fine, I’ll get started on it.


What outfit do you want them to wear?


I’ll screenshot some outfits rn