I need a teacher!

I’m new and I need someone to teach me how to write a good story please.
P.D: I’m from Spain so if you speak spanish great.:slight_smile:


Hola como esta? Me llama Dawn Ocana. Yo entiende poquena espanol.
(I’m just a spanish student and I know a little Spanish, possibly enough to get me through a first grade conversation. Sorry for no accents over any of my words and my gramar.)
I am new too but I have been using tutorials and I feel like I have a basic understanding of chocies, character customization, spotting, and scaling. I think we both could help each other grow in the Episode community. I have published three episodes so far and have a pretty good understanding of how to make backgrounds, cover art, etc.
Let me know if you’re interested…
~Dawn Ocana

¿Bien y tú?
Ok I would love to have your help and maybe I can help you with yoour spanish:grinning:

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Ay dios! Yo se muy lo sienta por tomar tanto tiempo. Mi computadora crashed…
Estoy bien graicas.
(Honestly I need help with my spanish) :rofl: