I need a title 4 my story help

I need a title
its about a spoiled princess that’s a brat so a fairy comes and transports her to another world where she’s not the princess and she can’t go back until she learns her lesson.

Maybe “princess” or something like that

What about “Princess Lessons” ?? Really hope this helps! Xx


omg thats amazing tysm!!!

Haha, no problem xxcookiexx! Aww lysm too :kissing_heart::heart::heart_eyes: xx

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The Changeling’s Reflection

My reasoning: Folk lore tells of children being spirited away by faeries and a changeling is always left in their place. Reflection refers to both the fact that the changeling/child are identical in looks/but opposite in behavior and also that one must reflect on life’s lessons to become a better person.

Oh that’s good too pikii

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Transporting The Attitude ???


Princess Problems

Thats really good

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Which did you go with

Princess Lessons

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