I need a title for my Mystery story

Hi! I’m working on my new story but I really don’t know how to name it. I’m always making stories with long titles but I want them to be short and interesting like, the reader would ask himself what is going to happen in the story. I would be grateful if someone would help me with the title.
Here are some informations about the story:
1 It’s a Mystery
2 I’m still not sure which city but It’s in America for sure
3 MC is a girl and she’s very popular in her school… Strange things start happening and then she finds out that someone is watching her. Then she will need to find out who he is and what he wants before It’s too late. (I’m not saying that he’s a guy, maybe she’s a girl). I’m going to make it very complicated to discover. Of course there is going to be Romance and around 5 love interests (do you think that’s a bit too much? :thinking:).
If you have any idea for the title, please write it (I will give you a credit in every single chapter of this story. That’s a promise.).
I apologize if I didn’t write in correct English. I’m sorry If category isn’t right. I’m still new in Episode Community.
Thank you :blush:


Mystery in America
The Watcher

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@K.Logan Hi! Thanks for the titles. I like them. I can use Stalker or Mystery in America. I will keep them in mind. I promise.

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Hour of Secrets
mr anonymous

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@queenscribbles Hi! Thanks for the titles. I like them all. Discvovery is the best described title for this story. Hour of secrets is good too.
I need to ask. Discvovery or Discovery? I’m confused :thinking:

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Watch Out

sorry I can’t spell…

Mysterious Stalker
It’s a Secret
Stranger Danger
the MC’s name
They’re Watching

How about ‘scopaesthesia’

It means the psychic staring effect phenomenon where humans detect being stared at through extrasensory means (like a sixth sense)

@queenscribbles It’s ok. Me neither. I’m using dictionary for spelling some words.

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Hi @zali.creates
Thanks for the title. It sounds pretty good :blush: I will keep it in mind.

Hi @PhoenixLynn.writes
I don’t know where did you find this, but I like it. I still don’t clearly understand this phenomenon (maybe that’s because I’m not English or I’m just too young to understand :thinking:), but I will keep it in mind.

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Hi @GennieG
Thanks for the titles. I would love to use Stranger Danger. I will keep it in mind.

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Have u ever deep down felt like you’re being watched wherever you are? The word ‘scopaesthesia’ is the given word to define that feeling.

Alright. Thanks. Now I think I understand. So, It’s a feeling, like someone is watching you from everywhere. If you try to hide, It will be still the same.
Is that correct?

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pretty much yes :))

Hi @Sophie91
Thanks for the titles. I like them both. I will keep them in mind.

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