I need a title for my story x

I need help coming up with a title for my story. I thought of something like “The Elcott” but that didn’t really feel right.


Set in 1916 Dublin, during the time of the Easter Rising/World war one. The MC has to fight for her life as the rebellion begins.


I came up with some


Dublin Insurrection


Title Ideas: @Niamhee

  • War To Victory
  • A Solider’s Life
  • A Chance For Survival

Hm, @Niamhee is the MC a solider? So I can think of some other ideas…hm


Restless Nights (If the character is constantly on the run or trying to survive, she has to be cautious and perceptive of their surroundings. This would lead to restless nights with nothing of comfort to hold.)

to survive

Lights Out
(A/the) perfect Storm
Emerald Uprising

The sacrifice of a soldier
A soldiers duty
The End Of The World
Sacrificed my life
Life threatening

My Fight, The Fight, My Fight For the Rebellion, 1916 Dublin.

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Luck of the Irish.

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