I need a title for my story


I have no title for my story

Heres my story Idea :slight_smile: :

A girl who comes from Atlanta who sung in a small club she lived in a big house with her abusive parents. But when shes at the club a lady walks up to her and tells her shes having auditions or whatever and she enjoyed the performance. Then she moves to California goes to the audition. She then meets a guy who likes her , but now that she has this amazing opportunity she wants no distractions. Buuut I dont have a title for the story.


The California Dream?


It sounds good, but I don’t think it fits the story perfectly.


hmm how about
The Singers heart?


lol im guessing right now


California distractions


I want something thats really attention grabbing yano what i mean?


tahst even better lmao


The One distraction


I dont necessarily want California in the the title @Teahwalker


But that is a good title.


Clubbing changed my life :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


How About
The One Distracion




Lmaoo @Teahwalker


The one distraction The One Detraction. That’s really good actually. @bossyroxy411. Do you have anything Teah?


The One Distraction is what i mean


I meant to say distraction lmaoo


lol we cant spell


california: rub me more