I need a title idea for my story

so i need a title idea for my upcoming story (i explained it all in the thread title)
Please do not steal the idea !
In an alternate universe where rich people rule the world and the poor live in a terrible state. Your plan, steal from the rich to give to the poor. One rule, don’t get to caught up in the act.

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Thieves Guild
Two Sides
How to be a Hero
Save the Poor

Breaking the rules

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It really feels alot like our world😅 reality nowadays


yeah , sometime the world is awful

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Rebelling Reality


Robbing the Rich
Common Cents
The Act
The Rich and The Robber



That’s so creative!!

Money’s the problem
Poor rich people

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Just for charity
Save us
A simple gift

Universe 2.0
So They Will Survive…

Hahaha I really like Common Cents that’s so clever

I really like this one!!

thank you!

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Ooo i like the Poor Rich people title .!

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