I need a title idea 😌

Hello :,) I have a story that im currently working on. Its abt a girl who recently found out her best friend was murdered at a party, the police couldn’t find any evidence or footage so they closed the case a few months later. She decides to take matters into her own hands and hires a private investigator. They slowly fall in love while finding out the mystery of the best friends family and murder…

Title ideas?


Falling for the detective

Mystery love
Mysterious love
Dangerous love
Detective desires

I came up with all these hope you like it x


tysm! <3

Np! Xx

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Hey love! Could you tell me the name of you MC?

Theres a name change option but in the script its Sienna :relaxed:

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Okay thanks… I’ll come up with some titles just give me a while! :wink::wink:

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np! :,)

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Okay, here are a few:

Investigating the mystery of love / investigating love

Sienna : a detective lover

Murder and love

The perfect investigator (this one’s quite the common or stereotypes)

Lover + detective = Sienna

Love, lies and mysteries

Love for my PI ( You could use the abbreviation as Personal Investigator)

If it’s a hard romance or ya know lust then :

Lustful Mysteries

Triggering my lust

I hope this helps you :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: Feel free to let me know if you want help with something… And also if you need art or cover please do ask me anytime… I do draw

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Assassination Affair
Passion Problem
Wild Whodunnit
Dead Love
Detective Delight

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I would love a cover art! It would mean so much!

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Should I pm you with my examples, not to spam this thread by going off topic? :slight_smile:

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yes ofc!

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Here are a few:

In my hands
Magnify my love
Figure me out
Case closed
Deadly private
Hidden evidence
My own agenda
Privately the best

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omg case closed is a good one :exploding_head:

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No worries :blob_hearts:

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Mysterious Yearning
Mysterious Slowburn
Family Ties
Lustful Secrets

(Idk if these are good)

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The Mystery of my heart

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