I need a title!


Hey guys, I need help with a story I decided to make, I just need a title, the only thing that is bothering me from continuing/continueing !

What happens when you just broken up with your ex-husband from marriage issues,and find yourself another man? After finding a new job that you applied for , you were surprised when you found out that he’s your new boss, will you start an affair cheating on your new boyfriend?


Finding a better one
My own boss
How did stoop so low


Thank you!:heart:


No credit needed NY just say I helped


I picked my title! :smile:


Which one


Well, all you titles are all out of my league (way better). Your titles are out of my standards, so I picked my own calles “An Affair With My Ex”, or “Out Of My League”, or “Back Into My Life”. Which is hard to pick!


Affair with my ex


I pick "Back Into My Life":heart:🖒
I’ll pick Affair With My Ex so yeah!


“An affair with my husband” sounds more intriguing.






I just want to say that you totally made me curiose i would defently read your story


Omg yay, I did!