I need a to be continued splash with two of my characters on the splash

im in need of a to be continued splash. My story is basically a gang/romance story.


I’ll help! :blush:

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I can do something.


I would like a to be continued splash please:)
Can you do something like this?

It doesn’t have to be drawn it can be edited either one.

Here are my characters:
Raven: Skin color: light
Brow shape: Seductive Arch
Hair style: Straight
Hair color: Platinum Blond
Eye shape: Upturned Feline
Eye color: Toffee
Face shape: Oval
Nose shape: Upturned
Lip shape: Full round
Lip color: Bordeaux

Skin color: Tan
Brow shape: Thin arch
Hair style: Short cropped hair
Hair color: Black
Eye shape: Stoic almond
Eye color: Green
Face shape: Diamond
Nose shape: Button
Lip shape: Smirk
Lip color: Terracotta


I’ll see what I can do!


Where’s the background?

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