I need a warning sign

Can someone make me a warning screen not only that it contains music and hard language but also that it has to do with psychiatry so that the reader knows that? Because psychiatry is not a contemporary subject and there is still stigmatization.


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I would love to help you make all these

Here are my examples I have… I have more on on my insta @Chay_episode_615


I can also helpnif you’d like

Here are my most resent

Ok if you want to do it. Feel free.

If you read my story you can see my characters for maybe a photo.

I can’t choose off you all make something and i use the one i love the most and i give credit.

this is the story

http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6579041739341824 it contains only 3 episodes yet but you can get pictures off it.

thanks xxx

You wanna do one and I do one?? @Teahwalker

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Sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can do a sound one and you do the other one??

Sure :blush:

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For the sound one did you want character on I think @Zoekezoef

she is the writer, me lol it is a good idea. But i want all on one it is easier.

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If it helps.

Gotcha… lol well I’ll let @Teahwalker do it

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I ya need any help let me know @Teahwalker

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That is a great one already but psychiatry conrfronts sometimes people with themselfs it is that what i will try to say xxx

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And the picture is not one off my characters iff you want it to do my way you need zoekezoef i can give you here details.

I love to help me and my team can

what are the characters deatils and do you need examples

@Teahwalker is working on it already I believe

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For the characters you have to read my story, i can give you the details of zoekezoef the writer but what do you mean with if i need examples.