I need a writer

Hey everyone! 🫶🏻
Would anyone be interested in writing a story with me?
I haven’t written one yet, but I do know a lot about the coding on here and I really enjoy doing it. The problem is whenever I try to write a story I can’t think of anything unique and the conversations between the characters are just awkward. The coding doesn’t seem that hard to me and I do the overlays by myself.
Have a great day!!


btw my Instagram is epis_cindy

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Hey there! I’d love to help write your story with you!


that’s great :] I was thinking of making an account which we both have access to, if you’re okay with that

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That sounds great!

I followed you on Instagram but it won’t let me message you!

If you still need help, I can totally help you! :grin: :grin:

Hey are you still looking for a writer? If so I would love to hear which type of story genre you would be interested in coding :slight_smile:

hey are u still offering help in story writing?

How long do you need a writer for. I can only go for about two weeks. But, yes, I am offering.

That will work for me. I need somebody who I can bounce ideas off and who will criticize me

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I’ll definitely be a great fit! You can PM me for details, or we can carry on right here!