I Need a Writing Buddy/More Friends

Hey guys! So by the title I am guessing you know what I am looking for :joy:

What I mean by writing buddy is not the actual coding part, but just a person to bounce ideas off of and get some general help from whenever needed :smiley: I have been working on a story for a little bit now (not published yet) but I have found some struggles with writers block and character development (all that stuff)

This would also go both ways and I would love to help anyone else if needed!

Also I would probably need someone who has at least a little experience in writing or is in the process of writing a story and someone that would be on at least once a week.

Thank you!! Just let me know if you are interested :heartbeat:


I would! I am experienced and I’m usually on 24/7 :joy:

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I also wouldn’t mind being your writing buddy :wink: I’m in the process of writing a story too so I know how difficult it can be at times. I’m on the Forums daily so I’m pretty active.

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I’m interested!

Hi again!!

I’m bumping this thread since I would love to meet some more people!

pretty much we can just bounce ideas off of each other, proofread each other’s stories, etc.

PM me if you are interested :heart:

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Ooh, sounds interesting! I’d like to help if you still need anybody. :grin:
I do have experience writing and coding on Episode, and I’ve on the Episode on and off for 5 years now.


definitely!! do you have an instagram ?

Yep, amphia.episode :slight_smile:

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oh wait I already follow you :joy: do you want to DM me ?

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What’s your Instagram?

mine is kate_eps

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I would love to join this group. I have been trying to write a murder mystery for the longest time but I have really bad writer’s block.

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Ok! do you have an instagram?


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Hey this sounds amazing, am I too late for it?

Hey! I think its been 1 year so its late for this…If u want someone I can help u out :blush:

I have been trying to figure out what to write about since I found out you could write your own stories and I feel like I have so much I could write about, but don’t even know where to start and then add in all the directing!!! Oh man! I would love to connect!

If you’re still looking for someone maybe we can help each other? I may not be the original author of this post, but I have been looking for someone to write a story with for awhile, but no one wants to give me a chance