I need a writing buddy


i need some one who is willing to wright a story with me, we can pick the topics and everything else together . :grin: i was looking for someone who is okay with doing a drama or a romance but its what ever you want to do… on episode app my username is lostintime. thank you


You still need one?


yes I do… are u interested in being my partner


I would be interested too, the more brains the better am I right


yea! soo im new to this whole writing on episode thing but im good at coming up with ideas and putting them into action. And im just going to say that English isn’t my first language german is my first, French is my secong, and dutch is my 3rd, so English is my 4th language but I like to think im good at it soo if thing don’t sound right im sorry. soo what kind of story are you thinking of writing?


I’m interested?


I need one too!


hi lostintime I would love to make an episode story with you


okay ……that’s awesome what kind of story are you looking to write.


that’s cool what story are you looking to write…


that’s awesome what kind of story.


I’m interested in making a horror story.


What do you think the storey Will be about


Uh well I haven’t figured out the title, but the description.


Yea what is your description and have you already started weighting it


Can you direct a story


Description 1:
After a haunting past of regret and sorrow. You move to New york to start a new life, but can the past come back to haunt you?


And yes I might be able to direct.


Okay awsome because I can’t direct for c*ap


I’m also writing a story but it’s a drama more specifically a gang or mafia story