I need a writing/coding partner

I have the majority of my story planed out but I need some help to actually make it happen. I will give you credit for all the work you have done in the story. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me write it or at least explain/help me get understand the whole process better.


hy , i might be not good in coding … i think can be ur partner in writing

That would be amazing! I am having some trouble with making my characters seem like they are having a real conversation right now.

dm in insta @sarah_2k5_ . If u have a account on insta .

What’s the story about?

It’s about the relationship between two people who don’t know how to deal with there emotions. Theres also a little bit more to it but Its hard to explain with out telling the whole story.

Sure! I’ll do it. I can help you code. I’ve been coding for quite a while now so we should be good. My instagram is @RafaelTheWriter DM over there!

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Ok! Thank you! I’ll DM you!

I’m still pretty new at coding but I code my chapters without any awkward pausing, I make choices, etc. Things like that. DM if interest or have a question.

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Hi i need a codeling partner

Same, maybe we can be partners I’m good at choices and coding!

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Hey I might need a coding partner wanna be partners?

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Did u code any stories before? Just askin :heart:

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What’s your insta let me dm you there


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I requested

got it!