I need a writing group


I was wondering if anyone had a writing group and needed more people to join?


Hie… I am in a writing group and we need some people… What kind of work you do… as in writing or art or social media manager… ?


I would also like to be in a writing group.

Unfortunately, I can not code and if I could I would make one by myself, I can be account manager, a person who requests edits, and help give ideas for any story (since I have helped one author with a writers block before), and if you do think of Fan Accounts, I have made a few fan accounts before so I could manage them.


Hey… That’s nice can you send me your insta id so that I can contact you there


Sure! Its @makereadingshine TYSM for being interested☺️ I will DM you in the morning! (I am currently busy)


Sure… I will just leave you a msg there and rply me once free


Okay, Thank You!


Hey… I write and do codes, as well as splashes… I’ve also published my own story called “The Ember Moon Pack”, you can contact me via PM or DM on my ig, @emberpackepisode


I will contact you in some time…


Im actually looking for people


Hey! PM me the details please!