I need a writing partner and an artist (LL)

Hey everyone,
I am startring a new story and I need help with writing it.
If you know how to do basic choices, and basic writing that would be amazing.
For the artist I would love to have adrink scenes in my story :sparkling_heart:
I also need characters for my story so dm if you want to be a character :grinning:

If you want to help me dm me on ig


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Hey I could help (:slight_smile:

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Ok thank you!
dm me on instagram


You can have the job!
WOW! those are amazing

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I am in need of a writing partner and um well I am starting a story where these 3 college freshmen have known each other since childhood names: Chad Shade and Nikki but after 3 years of being in college shade finally takes things into his own hands and kidnaps Nikki, Nikki wakes up to being locked in a old hospital asylum and so on

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Yep! i can help you if needed.

sure thanks

Message me on insta when you need help.

ok. whats your instagram?? ill messge you on ther

Iโ€™m interesting in helping you.

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Add me on intagram @faith._.episode