I need a writing partner/bestie

Hi guys, I need a co-writer for my new storie and this person must have written a storie by now because i need someone with experience and also a friend whit whom I can talk about my new ideas, etc…
I hope you would like to help me in this new adventure.
I love you guys.


Hi can help you write but i’m kinda new to the writing but i can be your friend.

And i need a friend because i am just a sad person.

It’s fine if you don’t want to be friend’s or anything it wont hurt my feelings

But if you wanna be friend’s you can message me on Instagram or message me on here

I am sorry but I am looking for a co-writer but if you want to talk to me this is my instagram: episode.tannia, send me a DM in your free time

Oh okay i don’t know if you would want me as your writer since i am just a beginner at all of this.

That is the problem, because I am also a begginer so i need someone with experience who can guide me in all of this.
I hope you understand but if you want to be my friend i already texted you my instagram so you can send me a DM whenever you want to.

Okay hope you find someone soon.

btw i didn’t even get your message on Instagram.

Thank you honey. I hope that too

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What genre are you writing?

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I can help you! I am good at writing, but I haven’t posted anything bc I cannot decide if a story is good enough, so I also need a co-worker. :heart: