I Need A Writing Partner/ Co Creator

Hello, I have an idea for a story and I have made up a story but after that I tend to get very bored and never end up finishing it so I need someone to help with coding, writing and ideas.
I am kind of new to episode and episode forums so I would love someone to help me :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m also kinda new and I’ve been stuck on my story for a while. I would love to help but I gotta warn you, i’m not to good at the art stuff… May take a while for me to get used to since i’m just starting to really get into the whole “story making” thing, but I will be more than happy to help :blush:

Thanks you so much do you want to dm me?

Sure, I been waiting so long for a Partner this helps sooooo much :blush:

If you will need help,I can help.!