I need a writing partner (co-writer). English as a first language would be preferred

Hi guys. I’m new-ish to Episode. If anyone could kinda show me the ropes and help me come up with awesome story ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone could help with the coding…I am definitely not a coder. Thank you in advance <3


hi my name is daniela , pleace just call me danny . I am new too i hope you can find a co writer soon . tell me the name of your storie if i can find in the app . thank you for time and good luck

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Hi Danny. Thank you so much. So far I have only submitted one story on the app. ( A Deal, A Devil & A Dream.) It’s honestly not the best, as I was just trying to figure things out. But Thank You. :grin:

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I am available, so if you need any help just message me. I am a writer and that is the reason why I joined this Episode Forums. I would be happy to help.


Alright. Thank you so much.