I need a writing partner/coding partner/friends

Hey! I’ve been in the community for a long time, and I’ve started writing about 3 stories, but I get writers block all the time, and I get really confused with the coding sometimes. So I need a writing partner, to either help with ideas, help with grammar since English is not my first language, opinions, help with coding and co-write if you want to. And if you can edit a cover that would be lovely but it is not a must! And hoping to maybe get some friends on the community also.


Hi I would love to help write your stories!!! and I can make you a cover, and alot of other things.


I would love to help you. I can help with the story plot as well as any other art pieces you would need.


Hi I am looking for Friends and a co-writer as well. :grin:


I am open to anyone :joy:


Me too!

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I am a writer and I need a programmer. Can someone help me?

Hey, I am searching for a partner for the Magika contest! If you’re interested please message me.

I would love to help. I can also do art and many other thing. I am also looking for a friend as I am new to the forums


I’m not much of an episode writer but I do write my own books on wattpad and need a person to help keep me inspired and provide ideas xx


We could be partners…? :woozy_face:

I’m also searching for a co-writer for a romance/action story. No cliches

I’m. Not good at coding but I’ll love to help

I was looking for a writing partner too. I don’t know how to code but I will give it a try.