I Need A Writing Partner For Free

yes please, do you think you can assist me with coding

I’ll let you know :smiley:

thank u

I will let you know also :+1:

I am a new writer.
Could you help me?
I am bullied since I was 10. And I really want to share my story! I also have other ideas.

Of course , I can teach you.
For example , zones , outfit , sound text effect , overlays , prompt … Etc

Hello , perhaps I can help you .
Well I’m not an expert .

But I think I can help you

That would be very great. I don’t really know how to start because I get errors al the time :sweat_smile:. What is your name on episode? So I can follow you?

U mean ig?

Well my ig account is episode c.l.o.e.ey

Same profile photo

I can’t find you

Or maybe you tell me your ig account



It’s just so hard for me to find you :rofl:
Many accounts have the same name hermelien


My ig account
Perhaps it’s easier for you to find me

@Sydney_H can you close this topic?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: