I need a Writing Partner For ideas

I can do the editing, but if you want to help sure.

I need someone who will help me with ideas and if possible a bit of editing. Any good idea will help me start of. We are both the story writers.

It would be great if you could be in the same time zone as me (GMT+4) but if it is not possible its fine!

Hi i can help you!

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That would be amazing!

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How do you have in mind ?

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I was thinking of a Fantasy story? It would be great. All I need is a good story plot and then we could get started

Okay do you have an instagram

Yes I do. Can you give me your Username?

It’s samar.episode

Ok give me a sec


Sorry that it took so long: Cassie_writes446699

Okay wait

i can help with customization and story plot
is it LL or Ink ??
my insta is ~ nxilson