I need a writing partner for my story


Hey everyone. I need a writing partner for my story which I have not even started yet as I need someone to code for me because I find it really difficult. I hope someone will be ready to help.

Please note that I want someone who is active more often. At least once a day and it would be really good if they have instagram , discord , hangouts , snapchat or messenger so that we could communicate outside the forums too.


Hi I am not sure about a partner but i can help you with your story like you are out of story line in the center of the story i can give you with story line some ideas and some script templates


Thank you for the offer @Secretauthor.episode but I actually need a writing partner only as I have the storyline ready but if I need someone in future I know where to go.


if you need any help with story line or script templates count on me


Sure. Thank you.


You can start your work with a 90s school life love story or hospital story don’t mind iam just giving suggestion to start something



I would be interested in being a partner for your story, depending on what types of writing or themes you’re into.
I am especially into romance, drama, and mystery (however I’m open to many other ideas). I love humor, but not excessive (as in not a story that is only supposed to be funny- it would have a strong and meaningful plot), as well as well written, well-organized storylines. I think we could make that happen!
It would be super fun working together :slight_smile:
I have Instagram, so if you’re interested we can DM.

Emma :wink:


Can you give me your instagram account so we can talk there instead of here ? That would be really nice. Can’t wait to work with you either.


Of course! I am @emma_on_episode


Um I just texted you 5 minutes back please let me know if it was you or not ?


it was!!


R u still looking for one?


anyone want a writing partner?


@Isra2004 and @phedra1234 I have another story in fantasy genre. Let me know if you are interested but I can’t do any coding at all so you will have to do all the coding.


i can definetly do coding and i would like to work with u


Ok. So do you use Instagram or some other place we can chat ?





Need an experienced partner for my new story