I need a writing partner/helper!

Hi! Im April and I am have trouble forming my story. So I would like a writing partner to help me. Can anyone help? Please and thank you! I have a plot but I just need help

Someone please reply, i am in need of help…

Hi. I could help.

Hey Thx. How experienced are you?

Hello Episodians! My name is April Taylors and I am looking for a writing partner. I have a plot already but I just need a person who can proofread it and help me build the structure if you know what I mean. So if you would like to help I am taking volunteers. Please and thank you♡︎♡︎

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I can proofread. I’m what you would call a vocabulary and grammar nerd. :))

I’ve wrote plenty of stories on an App called Wattpad and I’ve helped some of the writer’s overcome writers block. And also seeing magnificent work from the writers on there help me as well.