I need a writing partner! please?

Hey, I’m creating a story called " A trip to Germany" and I’d love it if I had a writing partner to help me with the planning of the story. I’ve created a scene full of minor characters which has taken me about two/three hours so I think I’m pretty good at coding. I think I’ll need a couple of backgrounds and overlays to but I will think about that later (If I work on the story completely). I MIGHT also need a German translator because I’m creating a story that contains a few snippets of the amazing German language. I don’t mean to put stress on anybody (considering that this is my first story) but I want this to be an amazing story full with drama and romance! If anyone can help with any of my requirements that would be much appreciated!

I can help!

What can you do for me?
. can you make backgrounds?
. Can you make overlays?
. Are you German?
. Can you help with the story?

Yes I can make Backgrounds, Yes overlays, I am can Speak German. Yes I can help.

Oh great! I think It will need to wait until tomorrow, though. It’s 09:19 pm right now and I’m just completing a scene so Can I talk to you tomorrow? also what is your instagram?

Yes and, AlyssaThePretzel

Okay thank you so much for offering to help! I’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye :slight_smile:

Hey Alyssa!