I need a writing partner pleaseee

i really want to create a story i have 2 that i want to do but i do all the characters and stuff then do about 1 episode and dont know what to do but i need someone who will help me create the episodes or to go over what i do and edit it i have a fantasy story and also a firefighting story


Hey, I am doing a fantasy story as well. We can discuss about our fantasy story in private, if both our needs are being filled out, we can be partners. What do you think? I already completed writing the first episode, and going to start on the second. We can discuss about it by giving a summary of what both of our fantasy stories are. Let me post the cover here for you as well.

Well this is the IG post cover I did.


of course do u want to talk on instagram? and btw i loveeeeeee your cover

Thank you. And sure, IG would be comfortable. My IG is @exotic.babe__

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My ig is @bre_writes.epi if your still interested in a writing partner or a proofreader lemme know


Can someone please help me with a Story? I am going to call it the stalker. I would like for it to be 4 episodes. I would like my partner and me to both do dialogue. Can they code please? I’m not very good at it.

I can code for you. Send me the overall layout of the story and I will see what I can do

What’s a layout?