I need a Writing Partner Right Now

Hey Guys,
I need a writing partner for the Magika Contest.
This Contest is really important to me because I did not make the deadline for the last one.
Of course I have requirements and here they are:
-Must do equal amount of work
-Must be online enough of the time
-Must be in Eastern Standard Time Zone (optional)

:heart:If you are interested just reply down below :heart:

:heart:Thank You :heart:

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You do know the deadline is in two weeks . Its a bit late to look for a partner


I’ve been asking for a partner since a month ago

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I just finished the three episodes for mine. I’m waiting on @MinaMy4531 to finish up my backgrounds so I can add them to my story before I submit the story. If you want, I can send the link to you of my story and you can add whatever you want

Ok sure so I will be like a co-writer
And I know you requested from my shop

https://www.episodeinteractive.com/write/story/Magicka_The_Lost_Book Don’t mind majority of the unfinished stories. I wrote other stories but never got around to finishing them.

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It wouldn’t work
I would have to sign in with your g-mail or whatever you use to sign in
So I need your log in