I need a writing partner to help me with ideas for story's



i need a writing partner beacuse i have ideas but theres always a story already made about it



I have an idea currently , but busy with my first story promote , …but I am bad at writing script and English


thats good because i have no life so i’m always on episode


I like adventures stories , I you want idea of my writing , check this —>
Author —>@ya
Genra—> adventure
Link —>


i’m on my computer right now so i have to look at it on my phone when i get home right now i’m at school


It’s okay, take your time :wink:
Tell me if you want to be partner


yeah i’m really good at coding i just need ideas that are not already taken


Okay ,tell me what you think about being partner when you decide


yeah we can be partners


I will come back in 1 hour , we can talk then


I come back


I don’t have Instagram though


HI, I’ll be happy to help you out with anything you need :grin:


ok I am good at coding and ideas but most of my ideas are already taken


So you need help with searching an idea?

p.s: Sorry if this profile picture is scary :joy:


yeah I have good ideas but they are just all taken already


Hi If you already have a co author I can still help you with original ideas. PM me here or DM on Instagram: anne.the.episode.writer


yeah that would be nice
do you have any stories out
and my insagram is @Olivia.episode13


Lets talk on instagram :blush:


i’m on my computer I can’t use the direct messages cause my mom got my phone