I need a writing partner!✨

I know how to do coding I just need help with writing a few episodes and getting them together!


Anybody want to be my writing partner?

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i could help

Do you already have a story planned out? :sparkles::black_heart::sparkles:

Yes I just need help with like planning future episodes

Is it in ink or LL? Just so I know which style you’re working with.

It’s in LL

Okay. I will most likely be able to help! I also am working on another story by myself. :sparkles::black_heart::sparkles:

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Okay that’s good

What is your story about? Also, how many episodes have you written?

It’s about an girl who moves to New York for an job interview because she wanted to get away from her ex and she works for man who is hot. They ended up falling in love and yeah. And other stuff is going to happen in the story. I only wrote 2 episodes

Okay! Sounds good! I’d be happy to help!



Hi could u code my third ch

Sorry, I barely can code my own chapter. I am more helpful with the creative aspect of episode. I’m sorry

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