I need a wrting partner and someone who can help me with a plot

Hi bbs :sparkles: so in the being of quarantine i started writing my story my first one, i had a lot of ideas and plots to use i was so motivated in writing my first story, but someone i never got time because of requests and i was debating if to close down my request or discontinue my story i couldn’t pick from the two so i decided to do both thinking it won’t be as stressful, but as more i go i realized it was too stressful for me and i couldn’t take it no more so then i stop, After few moths i decided to have a go again on my story but i wasn’t as motivated as before and the more i write the more i found my story boring and the same as other stories i read I wanted mine to be different, then i started debating if I need help like a writing partner but never consider it as an option, now I’m going to school and after school I have lots of spare time so I decided to start off again but still I don’t have that motivation as before! I’m hoping to find someone who is experienced in writing stories. So I wanted to ask if someone will like to be my writing partner and can help me with a plot please if you can! If your interested please PM me!
Thanks :sparkles: :pleading_face:

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Hi, I can help you with the plot. Can you code?

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pls pm privately