I need advanced cover art!

Name of story: Black Orchid
Name of author: Stella Ntecarlo
Characters: Three
Background: Forest (and its raining)
Girl: Olive skintone, smoth arch brows, straight platinum blond hair, upturned feline silver eyes, oval face, upturned nose and full round lips with purple lipstick. Wears Silver Pendant Necklace,Calf Boots White,Light Steel Blue High Waisted Pants,White Layered Crop Top.
First boy: Light skintone, thick arch brows, unstyled chestnut faux hawk, gentle almond blue eyes, defined triangle face, button nose and uneven mouth. Wears Ripped Punk Pants,Black High Top, Dance Shoes,Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey True .
Second boy: Olive skintone, straight bold brows, black boy bun, round piercing blue eyes, defined triangle face, button nose and uneven mouth. Wears Basic Sneakers (Black),Black Tight Pants, Tank Top (Cream) and a Weathered leather Jacket.

DESCRIPTION: First boy stands on the left side with the girl wrapped in his arms, both looking right. The first boy is angry and the girl in his arms is crying and trying toscream for help. The second boy is on the right side looking at them and screaming (screams like an episode male scream). Make sure that her necklace can be seen.

Thats all :relaxed:

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Isn’t someone already working on this for you?

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A different one, yes, but not this :confused:

I can

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Cool :blush:

Do you know when will it be ready?


Can I help too

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I guess

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Hey what about the cover… it’s Benn a long time☹

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Send the details here

Omg I’m so sry I forgot and I haven’t been on here for awile

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can u be a judge for my contest

can u be a judge for my contest?

Of course



I’m willing to submit my cover also

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What details?