I Need Advice For My Story :)

Okay, so I’m writing a new story. I’ve only got about one hundred lines, so I’m not going to be too heartbroken over restarting if I need to. The problem here is that I’ve seen so many people on the forums say they stay away from romance stories. Do y’all honestly do that? I’m writing a romance story, but it’s not like normal ones. At least I hope it’s not. I’ve seen many threads that let people state their complaints over romance stories. So here’s what I’ve gathered. Will y’all read a romance story like this if I do these things:

  • I will not rush the relationship. The MC and love interest will take a bit of time to actually grow on each other. The love interest will hate the MC at first, but after an abundance of episodes, they’ll get comfortable around them. ( By the way, how many episodes do y’all think would be good for the two characters to actually start a relationship? I really don’t want to rush it )
  • I’ll stay away from those stereotypical stories. For example, I won’t write a story over a mafia leader falling in love with an innocent girl or a bad boy falling in love with a good girl.
  • There most likely won’t be that mean girl, and if there is, she won’t hate the MC because she’s trying to get with the love interest ( the MC isn’t trying to get with the love interest because she has a crush on him/her, there’s a little backstory behind it )

Do y’all have anything else I should steer clear from? Here’s a small summary of my story. Tell me if it sounds interesting to you. And please do not copy

The story will almost certainly be called “The Imposter”. The MC is a con artist who, I guess you could say, seduces boys to make them fall in love with her. After they do, she takes all of their money. ( they’re most likely going to be adults, since she’ll probably have to marry some of them to take their money ) The problem is, the love interest hates the MC. ( still figuring out why, so if you have any ideas of why he’d hate her, hmu)

That’s honestly all I really have right now. I have a little bit more, but I don’t want people copying my whole storyline.

Your story sounds really good, for me, main characters always seem to be girls and in my stories it’s basically 50/50 between male and female main characters.

if you need any help, send me a message, I have had many years of experience and have just completed my first manuscript.

If you want to message me on here or my IG is Mafiastar.episode x

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