I need advice for my story

So, in my story the MC has been in juvie for a while. How long would be a good amount for getting out at 17 years old for hear crimes? So basically I’m asking how long should she have been in juvie.

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Is 2 1/2 years good? So that she goes in in the middle of freshman year, then returns during senior year.

I would say about 15 years your MC goes in and comes out at 17 years. 2 years of juvenile probation so to speak. Very realistic for an underage offender.

To make it even more realistic, you could mention the character having to have done community service or a sobriety program, which might justify the 2 years if a reader thinks it’s too small of a number.

Typically Juvenile detention centers release the inmates when they reach the age 17 or 18 because they’re basically adults, but they can have a probation officer that they have to meet up with every once in a while to make sure that they haven’t broken the regulations in order to keep from going to jail.

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