I need advice for my storyy

Do you guys prefer
Little amount of music/sounds
Have the full story have background music at all/near most times?

Just opinions :))

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I prefer little amounts, but that’s just my opinion!

You could give the reader the choice of playing the story with or without sound

Okay! Thank you :)))

How do you do that?

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You can put in remembering choices using the if/else/elif system
Do you know how? I can find you a tutorial

With/Without Sound Thread

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I personally prefer when stories don’t have music because I use my Spotify playlist while reading or it gets boring for me. Sounds on the other hand can be useful for ringing for phones or other outside noises. If you look at episode contest “requirements” they say that use of sound “boosts” your entry. It is not a necessary for a good story but does work in your favour especially for those who don’t have Spotify. I think when choosing what to include in your story you should take a look at what they look for in a entry as it tells you what episode likes.

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Ah yes i know but thank u :)))

So would it be a problem for you for example if there was a few sound effects (like u said phones and stuff) and maybe some music when they are at a club? or when they are picking a outfit?

I wouldn’t mind if a story has sound or not but sometimes it drowns out my music but the occasional sound effect doesn’t bother me.

I personally never play Episode with sound but if I did, I would prefer just sound effects instead of music the whole way through.

Okay thank u!

Okay thank u !!

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I like music when a mood needs to be set, for example you don’t particularly need to music of a school hallway unless you are trying to set a certain mood for example if something creepy is going on or something sad. Other than that I don’t mind if there is or isn’t any sound. For sound effects I like them if they are relevant for example a phone ring, car crash or someone screaming.

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Okay thank u so mcuh!!!

it really just depends on the scene. most times i don’t have my volume on, but it can be useful for like if the school bell was ringing or a knock at the door. that’s just me though

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Either way the reader can always just run their volume off


same here thank u !!!

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Yeah thats true:))