I need advice from you



I’m back with another thread but this time it’s serious

I published my first story Last Dance about 4 months ago, and it didn’t get much reads (it’s currently 85 reads which is number that happy with) I’m in the making of the 7th chapter and I’m completely out of ideas, in the meantime I have a new story idea which I think is much more interesting and since it will be my second story the writing will be much better compared to Last Dance. So my question is should I proceed in the making of my new story and discontinue Last Dance or should I stick with Last Dance and wait until I’m done to write another story ? :purple_heart: :thinking:

Help me!!!


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I had the same problem my first story sucks and I had a great idea for another one so i am now writing both at the same time but my second story is my fav out of them both and got more reads faster


I wouldn’t discontinue it. Maybe put it on hold until you come up with new ideas? In the meantime, you can write your new story. That’s what I would do. Ultimately though, it’s really up to you. Do whatever you think is right!


That’s a great idea thank you so much!!! :purple_heart:


I don’t think I can work on two stories at the same time, I can barely keep up with one but thanks for your advice :kissing_heart:


Yeah it is hard :joy:lol


If I were you, I’d begin planning the new story as a side project, an outlet for any ideas you have. Meanwhile, Last Dance could be your main project, something you focus majority of your attention on. I don’t think you should discontinue it if you really love the story, maybe just pause it. Try to make goals on how much you want to accomplish with Last Dance this week, or the next, and if you don’t have any ideas for it still, your second story could be your main project, and Last Dance could be the side project.

Ultimately, it’s your decision, and I know you’ll pick the best one! ^-^


I would have my new story as the main project cause as I mentioned before I’m out of ideas to write new chapters in Last Dance, thank you for your advice :purple_heart:

I need advice... again