I need advice on covers


Hi again!
I am creating my first ever story for Episode and I think it will be pretty good, if I just learn how to do stuff…

So I was thinking about a cover for my Story. I have every detail of the story planned out so I know what I would want the cover to look like, but I have no idea how to draw and edit stuff like that. Still, the cover is pretty important to get readers so I want it to look good. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I could make it as good as possible? It is a pretty dramatic story about a girl that tries to fit in and flee from her past (now when I say it, it sounds kind of basic… But that is all I can say without to many spoilers), so I need to show lots of emotions.

So my question is, how do I do that in the best way? If someone out there would like to help me draw it, though I doubt it, I would be really thankful and make sure to give them credit for their work. But even if you can´t do that and just give me some advice, I would be so so soo greatful :slight_smile:


I would like to help you! :heart:

Edit : also , here’s a thread on how to make covers that I made How To Make Your Own Cover!:


Thank you! Do you mean help like advice or help with the actual cover? :slight_smile:


Either one is fine with me.


Can I send you a dm with the screenshot I took of the main character?