I need advice on getting more reads

i have 4 chapters in my story Golden Heart and i really wanna get more reads on it, I’m getting more ideas on what to writte but i first want more reads on my first 4 chapters before i publish any more chapter’s.
How can i get more reads?

My advice is always to follow a lot of people on the app and participate in discussions among the community to draw attention to your name.

If this is your first story however, it takes time to build a following. A lot of people like to read stories that are completed or stories by an author who has already completed another story because that means it’s more likely to be continued. So I’d say don’t worry about not having reads yet and just carry on writing and they’ll start to roll in in time :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, I think there are two ways to get your story more reads :

  • promote your story here (on episode forums) or on instagram
  • do R4R (aka read for read). Many people are trying to get more reads like this. Basically, they read your story and you read their story. I recommend doing it with evidence (screenshots) and some rules (e.g. 3 episodes for 3)

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Something to add to the above:
First impressions are important. I clicked the link in your bio and you have a couple minor grammar errors in your description. Personally, that’s a turn-off for me as if the description has errors, that tells me that the actual story will too.

Apart from that, I’ll just echo what everyone else has said. Reads take time. You could maybe get some reviews both on here and on Instagram. They may tell you if/where you need to improve and also, sometimes a good review can draw readers to your story.

Do you have an Instagram? I find that helpful but at the same time, I think it’s more helpful when you already have loyal readers who are hanging on for the next update.

Oh also, continue to update regularly. You’ll find a lot of people won’t start a story until there are quite a few chapters as they want to make sure the author won’t abandon the story.


This is a very trick question, and there are answers to your question. To get more people to read your story, you have to put you and your story out there. I mean constantly promote it through social media because it’ll help you. If you have Instagram, I recommend using it to promote your story. You can also get more reads by doing read for reads with people. I personally don’t like read for reads because I don’t want to be obligated to read someone else’s story without doing it out of my free will. Are you a new Episode author?

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