I need advice on how my outline looks-

I’m not too confident showing my awful outline publicly… so if you wanna check out the outline and gimme some feedback, dm me! This is my first time trying to do a drawn cover for my story and I want some advice before I start the colours!

Maybe @SkyM can help you? haha

I’ll ask her! I’m only really looking for someone to just tell me how it looks and stuff, nothing high

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Hi!! Thanks @TamiRose

:woman_facepalming:t4: Didn’t I say you can always ask me anything? tsk tsk tsk lol :partying_face: only if you want to though

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Ah she’s here lol take it away Sky

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Thank you! :joy::joy:

haha :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol, I just dont know how to think about my outline so farrr

should I send it here so u both can see? @TamiRose @SkyM

If you’re comfortable doing that hun


So thats the original

And thats the outline so far @SkyM @TamiRose

The eyes, hair and hands are killing me :joy:


Sorry to invade but in my opinion, the outline is great compared to the original image. They look the same :slight_smile:

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thanks! the outline isnt completely finished but yeah, I tried to change the hair and stuff :sweat_smile:

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Ok, so far it looks really good. So at this point, if those are what’s bothering you most, just practice on those particular parts until you get it to a point where you’re comfortable with it.

Good job so far hun :heart_eyes:

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The eyes are really big, the boy’s mouth could be fixed, and the locks of his hair could be separated but it looks really good so these are just minor changes

thanks!! @TamiRose @SkyM

Yeah the eyes were hard to do for the both and the girl because the image was really blurry when I zoomed in. Also same with the boys mouth so I have no idea what to do with the mouth, I can fix the girls mouth easily as well.

And for the hair what do you mean? And should I change anything to the girls hair? :thinking:

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looks good to me :slight_smile: have a good day/night

No the girl’s hair is fine but they guy’s hair could be fixed a little