I Need Advice On My Story The Mafia & His Queen

Basically in episode 2 the girl he was seeing before he married someone else (ARRANGED MARRIAGE) returns after 5 years he goes to see her and is greeted by a boy who looks just like him and then shortly after a little girl their mother explains everything to him… but i have no idea where to go with the story

Maybe after he meets the kids, show them arguing about it and then show his perspective and how it’s gonna affect his marriage and then maybe show her perspective and he she feels about him and whether she’s happy without him or whether she wants him back?

All depends on the mood you’re trying to create.

this is how i ended the scene after she explained why she never told him about the kids

&VICTORIA stands screen right AND VICTORIA faces left AND VICTORIA is idle_awkward
&RICCARDO stands screen left AND RICCARDO faces right
&reset hsl
@remove Blue Baby Bundle from VICTORIA
@transition fade in white 2

    VICTORIA (talk_unsure)
Say something.

    RICCARDO (dismayed)
(I need to sit down.)

@transition fade out black 3

So maybe build on his shock and how he plans to deal with it?

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