I need advice on this

I’ve been writing a story on and off for a good amount of time now. My story is basically one that I knew I would never get around to writing so I decided to share it via Episode.

These characters have been formulated in my brain for a while ie: their looks, their names. But since it is an EPISODE story, I want to give readers the chance to customize. Should I stay true to the original characters or give people the change to CC?

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It really depends on the person. If the character’s features are important to the story then you shouldn’t give the option to customize. If the story has nothing to do with the way the character looks, then it’s up to you.

For example:

My sister’s eyes are green, identical to mine.

or you can try this:

I wish I was beautiful. But I’ll never be as pretty as her.

It depends on you.

There is a lot of readers who will read a story with CC only.
Also, there is a lot of readers who like to keep MC like an author see her/him. <-- this one is me

If u aren’t sure. Maybe put limited CC. (For example, don’t let readers change eye color and skin…)

I myself don’t Like to CC, I think it in some way ruins the experience if it isn’t a you story, it takes away the possibility of giving their look a meaning. You Also can’t describe them as Much/narrate their looks if that makes sense. I know a lot of people like CC But in My opinion I’m not a fan of it, I prefer No CC unless it’s a you story. Not adding Cc makes the readers be able to see the character from the authors perspective and Also as I Said earlier can give their look a meaning.

I don’t really care about CC…

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