I need advice! - writing tips please

My story “Nights With You” is about Arizona, a high school senior at Quincey Prep who leaves at the end of sophomore year after one very unfortunate night. After she returns she meets Liam, the new golden boy at her school, and well her senior year is one she’ll never forget.

Okay but the reason I need help is because I just want to know if you guys think it’s to much to have a mysterious disappearance and a romance between Arizona and Liam going on at the same time.

It wouldn’t be a main character disappearance but the family member of an antagonist. I’m really torn about this because I’ve seen lots of discussions where people get to overwhelmed with the plot and I was wondering if mine was overwhelming. :upside_down_face:

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In my opinion, I do not think it would be confusing when reading your description about the story - Mixing two genres together can make the story seem more original and make your story richer. But I think it depends more on how well you’ve executed the story. So far I think it’s great and in my point of view, you need to plan out the story line well and try to look at your story with an objective point of view.

Hope this helped. :blush:


thank you so much, I really needed the advice!!

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No problem! :blush: :blush:

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What a coincidence, I’m writing a story and the golden boy’s name is also Liam :joy::joy::joy:
And as for the plot I think it wouldn’t make the story confusing, it would make it more interesting. If you take a mystery stance on it maybe you can do several people disappearing and they’re all connected to each other. But I don’t know what story you’re doing. Whatever it is it sounds interesting!!

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Haha I’m so open to new ideas, i love to add some spice to my story. Also I’d love to check out your story and meet Liam :wink:

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Hahaha right back at you! :joy::wink:

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