I need advice......!

Hey!!!There is something that really upsets me and I know I’m going to annoy you right now but I thought someone could help me…

So there is this boy…
His name is Nicholas and he asked me out a few weeks ago.I didn’t say yes but I didn’t say no either.A few days later he asked another girl out.I’m really sad I didn’t say yes because I think I have feelings for him now but I don’t know if he still wants to be with me.I asked him if he still has feelings for me and he said maybe but now I’m too scared to tell him that I want to be with him!!!

I know boys are stupid but I don’t want to be single forever…

What should I do??Please help me!!! :pray: :pray::two_hearts:

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first of all, if you just wanna be with him not to be single then I already say you are not ready for a relatasionship.

second if he asked another girl out. then get over it. he is clerly not worth it

and also your whole atittude comes of as

I was not sure if I wanted it, but now that someone els got it I do want it. that i actually a sign of toxic behavior.


you should tell him how you feel if you really want to. but i also want to say… being single isn’t a bad thing. i will always recommend that before you ever start a relationship, you should love and care for yourself.

i’m single and happy. i’ve never been in a relationship during school and i’m glad i didn’t, because it gave me time to focus on myself. i didn’t need to attend to a guy when i was barely helping myself. so unless you’re really and truly ready to commit to a relationship, then you should totally tell him your feelings. just don’t be afraid of rejection in case he doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

good luck! :blob_hearts:


I agree with you, and also you’re just calling all boys stupid, so maybe you should be single, because it’s really rude, what if some boy said you’re stupid?


I don’t want to be with him just to have a relationship.At the beginning I didn’t say anything because I had just met him.Oh and the girl said no but I’m sorry if I came of rude

@Akella @line123462

sorry to say but you sound like an r/nicegirl. try too look that up on youtube


You are right!!! Thank you so much!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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I’ll try YouTube but what do you mean with the other sentence?

Don’t worry they already do…
I’ve lived my life hearing people saying bad things about me…

Wow, so what? Everyone has been called bad in life, you’re not the only one :unamused: And when you call people stupid, karma just comes to you

haha, no i dont think she is. the girls on the r/nicegirl are more the fake nice. she doesn’t seem that way. she’s more inexperienced, nervous and extremely influenced my media. i mean, i’ve experienced something similar to this. feelings can change quick so it makes sense she sees this guy who likes her in a more romantic light rather than as a stranger/friend.


you’re going a bit far. i’m sure she didn’t mean stupid in a harsh way. there’s no need to argue with her over something like that. stick to the main point, please.

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Thank you for all the nice things you said!! You are truly an amazing and incredible person!!!
I just wanted to say that I’m used to these things and those are just her harsh opinions

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Maybe not. I just Think its importen to let people know when they show toxic behavoir so they know its wrong before they excalade.

I get she is properly just a teen with out experince and calling her a Nicegirl is a bit over reacting


of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but there’s no need to downplay her experiences because of something mild she said. its never fair to do that.

i agree. it is good to point out things where people seem toxic, which is why agreed with your original view because it seemed that way. but i wouldn’t go as far as comparing her to those girls because she just doesn’t seem like that type of person. just confused and inexperienced is all.

but yeah - @OliviaWrites4, @line123462’s point of wanting to be in a relationship just because isn’t a good enough reason to be with him. i know you clarified you didn’t mean it that way, but to be sure, you should really think about how you feel about him. would being with him make you happy because of the person he is, or because you’d be taken?


Of course but her opinions aren’t really helping me and this thread was for advice and not saying bad things about me and calling me bad things

haha thanks, i was just being honest. but anyways, i truly recommend you really think about your feelings before you say anything – you want to show the boy how serious you are if your feelings are real.

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Of course!!! I took a lot of time to think about it and I think in a few days I’ll know what I want. The first time I said nothing because I had just met him but now that I know him better he is really kind and sweet!!!

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It was not what you wanted to hear but what you needed to hear. I know I am a bit rude

But i rather be rude and tell you the truth

Then been Nice and tell you you should continuie a bad behavior.

Been a teen is hard and so is relationships. Your life wont get better just because of a boyfriend.