I need advices on my very first story!

Hello there fellow writers :3
I started writing this week and I’m super nervous ! I understood directing pretty easily but I need help about my scenario. So the story’s called O Negative and it’s about a girl named Rose who has a crush who really “haunt” her (he appears in her dreams etc) and he’s really special and mysterious. We learn further in the story (around episode 10/12) that he’s actually a pure blood vampire. (O Negative as Rose’s blood type)
I’d like advice on how to develop a scenario through the episode, I’d like the plot to take its time to develop itself (idk if i’m being very clear here ^^’)
Anyway thank you for your time, have a lovely day <3

(i’m sorry if i make mistakes, english is not my first language)

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Ow okay i’m really sorry :no_mouth:

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I like this plot line and I like how you made it different from the other vampire stories I’ve seen. I suggest maybe making the dreams appear more vividly and frequently as time goes on and maybe have her randomly run into the mystery man. While I understand not wanting to rush the plot, try not to take too long to develop it, I’ve noticed that getting the main plot rolling by the end of the pilot episodes is successful in drawing readers in. This is all just my advice but you’re the author and have complete control over what you do with the story. I hope this has helped you, let me know if you any more help!

Dude. Sounds dope. Notify me when it’s published

Well maybe it can take the main character (Rose) a while to figure out who the mysterious man is. Maybe she can talk to him in her dreams and slowly get to know him better in that way. Is there a specific reason that that he is appearing in her dreams and haunting her? Maybe you can develop the story around that as well.

And let me know when you publish it and I’ll give it a read.

I just published the first 3 episodes ! ^^ You can give it a read if you want !
I think the idea of Rose starting to have the ability to talk to him as well in her dreams is excellent :smiley: I’ll make it appear a bit further in the story.
Thank you all for you feadbacks ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, there’s actually a reason why he talks to her in her dreams, I’ll develop it further in the story. I got inspired by my 3 favourites movies about vampires : Dracula (by Francis Ford Coppola), Dark Shadows (Tim Burton) and Only Lovers Left Alive (Jim Jarmusch) :blush: