I need an advanced editor too create me a cover!


I need a small cover for my new story Lush Liar! If you would like to create a cover for me I would like to see any examples of previous art you’ve originally made! If I do choose you to create me a cover I’ll reply to your comment!
Here are my characters details

For My Cover

  • I would like all the characters to be wearing the same exact outfit they are wearing in the picture.
  • I would like them to be drawn digitally not copy and pasted with the background erased and replacing it! I expect good quality art. - not being rude or anything lol


  • I would like Millicent taking up most of the room up close standing in the centre with the shush
  • I would like Zara behind her on her left as if she’s whispering into her ear doing the flirt coy animation.
  • I would like Caitlyn to be behind Millicent on her right as well as if she’s whispering into her ear doing the kiss cheek animation.
  • I would also like the background to be an art Museum with a slight blur.
  • Thank you!


I can help!
But I may not be online, so just email me at emtaratng@gmail.com