I need an advanced story cover!


Recently, I’ve been thinking about my new story The Candy Crew and I just realised I’m in serious need of a story cover! It’s basically about 5 girls who are best friends. and get into a whole heap of…I’ll stop it right there. I guess what I’m trying to say is a need a story cover and fast. If you would like to make me one please contact me or tag me on Instagram and we can go from there.

My Instagram = melodywritesepy

Thanks a bunch! xx


I would love to help


Me too :smiley:


Yep. Episode dreams would love to help


That would be absolutely great!


@Artistofepi If you wanna do it, its fine with me :smiley:






Have you guys ever done any story covers before?


We have :smiley:


Yes we have


Would you like us to send examples?


Are both of you working together to do it?


Yep but we can send you our separate examples


That would be awesome thanks. xx



@CecilieCreate send your examples


Do you have an Instagram because I recognise a few of your edits.


Yep. @artist56218


That’s cool. Is @CecilieCreate going to send any examples?


She might be offline