I need an advanced writing partner for my story

Hi all!
So I’m writing a very advanced story plot-wise and I need someone to help back me up in the writing process as I am struggling to put all of the pieces together but they are all there. It’s a very complicated plot in my opinion, but it will also be an amazing story and I can’t do it alone. It only hit me how great this story could be and I need someone able enough with writing, world-building, and confident enough in their writing to help me out! I’ll hold the applications in a form linked below, just comment on this post whenever you finish the application

If you would like to know what the plot is click right


Artemis Blackherm was a well-known mystery to the town. As a young girl, she was found on the streets, wandering horrified in what seemed to be a tattered ball gown of unknown make and a deep gash running down the side of her nose. The night that she was found, the moon turned a crimson red, an event that the scientist still have yet to explain. When the girl was finally caught by authorities and taken into the hospital to be taken care of, they discovered that she had no recollection of her past or where she had come from. They called her Artemis due to the change of the moon. After a month of investigation, they put her into the adoption system, where she was adopted by the Blackherms who only used her as a business ploy more so than a daughter. Artemis finally snapped under pressure when the family announced completely out of the blue that she would be taking over the company. Enraged, the girl leaves, swearing to keep all contact away from the family that was supposed to support her
After coming home from work, the same day, Artemis goes home. To her surprise, There’s a strangely familiar man sitting in front of her apartment building. She figured that it might’ve just been a drunk, but something in her told her that he was more than that. So, she brings him in. The man doesn’t wake up for another three weeks. However when he does wake up, he continuously calls Artemis “Adossia” After calming the man down, he explains that she is the Lost Princess of the Kingdom of Edonia and that she is the only one who can restore peace to all of Edonia from the reckless and selfish behavior of King Naelus. The man’s name was Theo, and he had allegedly been a worker in the kitchen before the Taia’al Ashanae (Night of Ash)
Artemis is to go back to edonia and restore it back to balance before King Naelus can take over completely

Application link : https://sjv3acmwhkq.typeform.com/to/ThjnlTzg

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Whoa, that seems like an awesome plot! I can’t help to co-write, but do let me know when this story is out, I’d love to read it! :heart:

Thank you! And sure thing! :blush:

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Just a quick question. r u willing to pay?

Hola, me encantaria ayudarte a escribir esta hitoria puedo?

I have completed your form! On my answers, I have put my preffered name/nickname to Alex/Alessa. So that’s me, and if you need anything please let me know!

I’m afraid not, sorry!