I need an apartment hallway asap

Hello everyone. I require your help!!
I am in desperate need of a background that matches this

Can someone please find or make a background that looks like the hallway

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Like this?


I can change the numbers at the doors, if you want.

Please Credit (caramelcaro.writing)

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Oh my gosh YES that’s perfect!

Could you possibly change the numbers to match the previous pic? If so that would be so great!

Sure. Which numbers? 8,9 and 10?

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That’s perfect, thank you so much!

Hey, the background is perfect, however when I put it into episode background it says it doesn’t fit the size requirements. Could you possibly help??

Thats weird… It worked at mine and the size is right for a 3 Zone background (1920×1136). Maybe try downloading it again…

It should work when you download it there. Sorry if this isn’t helpful :confused:.

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I’ll give it another try, thank you again for you help! :slightly_smiling_face:

It worked!!! :laughing:

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