I need an art color for my story - I'll give credit



I would love if someone would make me an art cover for my story, I’ll give details and credit.


Episode harmony can

What’s the details


It’s a rom-com and the characters on the cover are Maria and Alex.

-Honey skin
-Straight black hair
-Upturned feline eyes~toffee
-Oval face
-Defined natural brows
-Full round lips~scarlet
-Elven nose

-Tan skin
-Narrow brows
-Classic round eyes~blue
-Long bangs~black
-Diamond face
-Button nose
-Uneven lips~terracotta

I would like Maria to be winking at Alex and grabbing his tie and Alex winking at her from behind.

I’d like Alex to wear the red tie and black button up and Maria to wear a white lace long sleeved wedding shirt.

I’d also prefer them to only have their upper halves in the cover.

The title is Love Me.


Ok thank you can you send screen shot of the characters in the pose




I can try to help




I’ll get started immediately


Can I do Large




@Leigh-Anne is there a specific background you want?


Character can’t exactly do that pose in episode, sorry.


No, anything will work.


@Epy.raven I can get the poses :slight_smile:


Awww thank you bestie


Glad to help bestie. Also can you PM me the detail for the other request?


Yeah sure

Do you do limelight



Hey gurl, do you think you could send me a romantic background??