I need an Art Scene! Anyone able to create it for me?

Hello there! I really need an art scene, because I can’t draw :joy:
Anyway, so basically I need two characters to be hugging. I need the male to be doing hug_rear and facing the way I’ll show below. I need him to hug the female who is doing cry_sniff_loop into his chest. If you can’t do this part which I’m about to explain, then that’s fine; can you try and make the male wrap his arms around the female and make it look like he comforting her and calming her down.

Now that I think about it, I need another scene, just so I don’t have to ask again, sorry!
Here’s the second art scene layout:
I need the same characters wearing the same thing and blah blah blah. But its gonna be a scene after the one above. The female is going to faint and I need her to be caught before hitting the ground by the male.

One more thing for both art scenes, the female is kind of really short like 5.4? And the male is like 6.1, size doesn’t really matter but try to make him taller than her. I’ll make some adjustments in size on the pictures below…

Male Look:
Hair Style - Short Cropped Hair
Hair Color - Black
Skin Color - Tan
Face Shape - Defined Triangle
Eye Type - Classic Round
Eye Color - Blue
Eyebrow Type - Thin Arch
Nose Type - Button
Mouth Type - Uneven
Mouth Color - Toffee
Shirt - N/A
Shoes - N/A
Accessories - N/A
Pants - Fancy Achkan Pants

Female Clothing:
Hair Style - Classic Bob
Hair Color - White
Skin Color - Light
Face Shape - Soft Heart
Eye Type - Upturned Feline
Eye Color - Purple
Eyebrow Type - Defined Natural
Nose Type - Soft Natural
Mouth Type - Classic
Mouth Color - Terracotta
Shirt - Black Work Out Top
Shoes - N/A
Accessories - N/A
Pants - Light Maroon Genie Pants

Characters/Poses for Art Scene One:

Characters/Poses for Art Scene Two:

I can’t express how thankful I am if someone is able to do this!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent:

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I could try and do it, if you want.

oh my gosh really?! If you could, then please do! Also no rush, my story is on hold at the moment anyway.

No problem! By the way, does the girls face have to be showing?

It does not! And thank you so much!

Oh okay. And you’re welcome.

Wait, I’m sorry for all the questions, but what angle would you like it from?

Oh no, you’re fine! Either from the side or back? Any angle is really fine with me.

Thank you. Okay, the last question, do any of their faces have to be shown?

Not the girls when the male is hugging her and if you do an angle where you see the back of the female then perhaps show the males face? For the fainting scene part, I don’t care if the faces are shown. Well actually, if we can see the males face or like half idk, then can you try and make a worried expression? Honestly its up to you, I’m really fine with anything.

Oh, okay. I think I know what angle I should draw in. I’ll get back to you tomorrow morning.

Alright, once again thank you so much!

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Omg I’m so sorry, but I forgot to ask, what background do you want?

lol and I forgot to add that in lmao.


Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! But I forgot to ask if you can put some scars and like open wounds on the females arms and face? I forgot about that, but its part of the story line. So sorry!

I’ll try my best.

Hey! I saw you requested the same thing from an art group I’m in. Sorry but that’s not okay. Please explain why this happened. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait, what? She did? Why is she asking me to do it then? @JupiterBear26 please can you explain why you requested something from @appleqrl and I?

I talked to @appleqrl on a private message thing and I forgot to delete the request.

Did you do that just now?